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Name: Unknown

Date of Sighting: 2003

Location of Sighting: Spiro,OK

Further Description of Sighting: I do have trouble writing this but people must know. I first saw a U.f.o in my hometown of Spiro,OK and it was in the year 2003 the object i seen was toward the AR border it was 9 lights that resembled the Arizona lights. I only recently found the similarities in them, it came back several times that year and the following 2 .

I have only recently seen odd lights again not the same ones but Maybe 2 weeks ago they started first it was the one light (white-orange glow), with a sort of upward downward motion and then it would fade away. It came back for a week straight only never in the same position and around the light and near you could see jets flying past it and circling back i believe i counted 12 in one night.

Then following this i seen 2 orange lights appear then flying northwest to south east then faded out in the middle of the sky! They came back three nights in a row, now i have been looking at these same stars since a child now i have noticed a light to the northeast maybe 2 miles in the sky toward the AR border, another directly east Near AR, And 1 more toward the south west. Now i am very freaked out by this sudden increase in activity and also the fact that this lights are obviously not planes or jets or stars (they are too low and bright)to be stars.

please if anyone has seen these lights i would say in LeFlore county or Pushmata county southwest sky . plz let me know im not crazy.

Name: Brandon

Date of Sighting: early 80′s

Location of Sighting: Wellston, OK

Further Description of Sighting: I was living in Wellston, OK. in the early 80′s and had experiences as a kid. I saw them in the clouds in broad daylight. They were white orbs and almost seemed to be playing, going in and out of cumulous clouds.

I was 7 or 8 at the time and thought they were angels. They came to my house in the woods at night and did things I still can’t remember very well. I’m not a kook…just sharing something I don’t tell people.

Name: Jesse

Date of Event: 4/1/2008

Location of Event: Tulsa , Oklahoma

Message: I was driving home on 4/1/2008 at 1:30 AM when I saw a UFO hovering just north of downtown Tulsa. At first I thought it might be a helicopter but there was know flashing lights. The lights I did see were too big and bright to be a helicopter and they formed the shape of a triangle. As I continued driving I noticed another one but this one was moving slowly west.  At the same time I was watching this one I was trying to keep my eye on the first one.

When I looked back the first  one was gone. This second one I saw came to a complete stop and then moved back the same direction it came from (towards me). There are a lot of helicopters that fly over my neighborhood and so I know how they fly. This was something I have never seen before. Another thing that stood out is that I couldn’t notice any structure to these objects, and because of the way they moved could not have been a plane or helicopter.

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 1/27/08

Location of Event: Southeastern Oklahoma

Message: As my daughter and I were driving into the town where we live, I noticed two very bright lights in the sky over the northwest side of the town, near the baseball field. We thought the lights were very peculiar and so we decided to investigate. As we got closer to the object my daughter noticed it had a red light in the middle of the two white lights in front of the object.

I pulled over and my daughter ran into the house of a friend to get her and her parents to see the object. It appeared to be several hundred feet in the sky and was slowly traveling toward us, which would be east. We all watched as it went above us. I heard a faint humming sound as the craft flew over us. You could clearly see the lights underneath it.

There were several glowing white and red lights, but none of the lights blinked, and the craft seemed to be in some sort of triangular or inverted trapezoid shape. We watched as the craft slowly traveled east, until we could no longer see it. It didn’t look like any aircraft that I had seen or heard of before.

Name: x

Date of Event: 2001 evening hours-it was dark(maybe 10-11pm?)-

Location of Event: We were on rt home to Ohio(left Tulsa,OK). We were on rt.345?-

Message: This sighting that we observed has bothered ever since we seen it. Just got net and am trying to find others who witnessed this football field size “thing” we saw. At first we thought we were going to be going into a storm ahead on the highway-there was lightening in the sky directly ahead about no more than a mile.

We seen something flying with lights, around it-then nothing….. till we looked to our left and across the highway—-there it was!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooo long and Large. It had markings on the bottom-almost hieroglyphic-like with illuminating light that seemed to come from nowhere. It was grey in color and the shape we couldn’t tell due to it’s massiveness.

It was very very low-other cars on the highway were slowing down, too. You couldn’t see the top either. I figure someone else may have reported this.  Please, if you could help me find any info on this I would appreciate it greatly. Sincerely, x

P.S. We turned for an instant to look at the road-when we looked back-it was gone-nowhere in sight.  Oh, and the storm ahead? It was gone, too!!!